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Australian Truffle Range

Our gourmet Truffle Range features best selling Truffle Oil, with the earthy flavours and rich aroma of Australia's finest Truffles. The perfect gourmet gift for foodies, or spoil yourself and make every meal a little more fabulous. Discover our Truffle Oil, Truffle Salt, exciting new Truffle Hot Sauce and our ever expanding range of Australian Truffle condiments to bring that extra earthy warm. . . Read More >

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Australian Truffle Products With Real Australian Truffle

We're very passionate about our truffle products here at Random Harvest, not only because we've worked so hard to create the best flavour, but we also use 100% genuine, premium Australian black truffles across our entire range. This means we're not only supporting Australian truffle growers, who provide us with the most amazing fresh truffles,but we're guaranteeing the best products for our customers too. Our range consists of an exciting collection of products including our Truffle Oil, Truffle Hot Sauce, Truffle Salt, Truffle Mustard, Truffle Aioli and Truffle Caramelised Balsamic, with a range of truffle gift packs for the gourmet lover in your life.

Best Truffle Hot Sauce

Truffle Hot Sauce - Australian Made

Unlike some others, our Truffle Hot Sauce is made with REAL Black Truffles. We guarantee you'll see real truffle pieces in every pour, and even better? We source and use 100% Australian truffles, because we all know Aussie produce is second to none.

If you're looking for a Truffle Hot Sauce that offers the perfect balance between heat, while maintaining that earthy truffle flavour, then this beauty is what you've always dreamed of.

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Best Truffle Oil

Truffle Oil - Genuine Australian Truffle

As a world leader in truffle oil, when you choose Random Harvest Truffle Oil, you choose superior quality, Australian made extra virgin olive oil, infused with real truffle. By using black truffle that's high quality, and the finest NSW Olive Oil, we ensure our truffles grow only in Australia's best truffle regions for guaranteed flavour and quality.

Our truffle oil is found in Australia's best department stores, and is available online directly through Random Harvest. With visible black truffle in every jar, you'll see the swirl of real Australian truffle before you even take off the lid.

We're also proudly the only Australian truffle oil stocked in Harrods of London.

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Truffles and Australian Truffle Products by Random Harvest

Do you use Australian Truffles?

Yes! We very proudly work hand in hand with Australia's best truffle growers to ensure our final product is market leading and world class for flavour and aroma. All of our truffle pieces are 100% Australian truffle. Not only do we use 100% natural and genuine Australian truffle in our products, we guarantee the quality and flavour with every order.

Is Your Truffle Oil Australian?

Yes! Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil that we use to create our truffle oil is sourced from the New South Wales Hunter Valley. All of our truffle oils, and infused and seasoned oils here at Random Harvest, are 100% Australian oils.

In the case of our truffle oil, we add 100% Australian truffle to our Australian Olive Oil to create our final truffle oil infusion that's loved across the country - and across the world.

Can You Taste The Truffle In Your Truffle Hot Sauce?

We spend 2 years developing the perfect Truffle Hot Sauce, ensuring not just the right amount of heat, but also a recipe that allowed the truffle flavour to shine through and compliment the chilli, not be crowded out by it.

Our Truffle Hot Sauce features the perfect balance of truffle and chilli, and unlike other truffle hot sauces on the market, we use REAL Australian truffle, so that you can see and taste genuine truffle in every pour and bite.

We don't do nasty fake flavours and aromas here at Random Harvest. Our truffle products are 100% natural so you know you're always enjoying our black truffle hot sauce, or truffle olive oil with the same level of flavour and quality that nature intended.

Are Truffles Grown In Australia

All Truffle products from Random Harvest feature 100% Australian grown truffles. There are several truffle growing regions in Australia across every Australian state. We guarantee authentic truffle from Australian farmers is used in our truffle products, including our truffle hot sauce, truffle oil, truffle mustard, truffle salt, truffle balsamic and truffle aioli.

Where To Buy Australian Truffle Oil & Truffle Hot Sauce

You can buy our Australian made truffle hot sauce, and Australian made truffle oil on our website, along with Australia's leading retailers, including Peter's of Kensington, David Jones & Harris Farm Markets. Our entire range is available 24/7 on our website with same day dispatch for all online orders and free delivery for all orders over $99.

Is Your Truffle Hot Sauce Hot?

We spent over 2 years perfecting the flavour balance of our Truffle Hot Sauce. While we were mindful of the need to create truffle hot sauce that would pack enough punch to impress hot sauce lovers, we were also mindful about the desire to enjoy the complex flavours and aromas of truffle. We worked with some of Australia's best artisan producers to create the ultimate in Truffle Hot Sauce brands.

Is Your Truffle Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Not only is our truffle oil made from Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it's made using the finest olive oil from the New South Wales Hunter Valley.

The creamy richness of this beautifully produced E.V.O.O. is perfectly blended with the earthy flavours and aromas of Australian grown black truffle, to create a black truffle olive oil that is celebrated the world over for its flavours and qualities.

What Other Products Made From Truffles Do You Have?

Our truffle range consists of a growing range of gourmet truffle products, all containing 100% real truffles and our expertly grown black truffles from the best Australian truffle producers.

What Is Truffle Aioli?

Our Truffle Aioli is a rich, creamy, decadent condiment that is the perefct partner for seafood, salads, burgers and more.

Expertly crafted from the finest black truffles grown in Australia, our Black Truffle Aioli can be delivered anywhere Australia-wide so that you can enjoy the most delicious meals without the fuss.

There's good reason that truffles, especially black truffles, and extended use on the car are out of question for fear that she couldn't bear the task of getting home and in the door.

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