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How To Use Truffle Oil?

One of the most common truffle oil questions we are asked here at Random Harvest is how to use truffle oil. We incorporate truffle oil into as many meals as we can, and we love helping our customers learn how to make the most of our gourmet foods, so let's take a look at everything you need to know about using truffle oil.

What Is Truffle Oil?

Truffle oil is described by wikipedia as being a "modern culinary ingredient used to impart flavour and aroma of truffles into a dish".

Truffle oil is created by the infusion of fresh or dried truffle into an oil base, resulting in an oil with truffle flavour and aroma. Here at Random Harvest, our truffle oil is created using 100% Australian extra virgin olive oil as the oil base. We then add 100% Australian grown truffles to create a 100% Australian made truffle oil.

How Is Truffle Oil Used?

Truffle oil How to use truffle oil

So you might be wondering - How do I use truffle oil in food? - The answer isn't as complex as you might think.

Truffle oil is used as a finishing oil for gourmet foods, and can add a burst of flavour if used in the right way. As a finishing oil, truffle oil is usually drizzled over a dish at the end of preparation rather than during the cooking process.

Adding truffle oil to a dish that already includes fresh truffle is the perfect way to add an extra truffle flavour pop. Using truffle oil too early in the cooking process, or at high heat, can compromise the flavour of the oil, but as a drizzling oil, this is perfect gourmet flavour addition.

Not only can using a high quality truffle oil enhance the flavour of a truffle dish, it can also impart a truffle flavour on non-truffle dishes. Choosing the best truffle oil is important to ensure the finest of flavour.

Top Simple Uses For Truffle oil

1. Drizzle Quality Truffle Oil on Pasta 

This is one of the most common and delicious ways to use truffle oil in everyday cooking. Truffle oil brings the gourmet to the everyday and pasta is the perfect way to make that happen. Once you've plated your pasta, drizzle your favourite truffle oil sparingly over and enjoy the depth of flavour. Of course, be sure to use only the best truffle oil, and you'll be creating the best pasta dish you've ever tasted.

2. Add Truffle Oil to Mashed Potato

Now, this is a secret ingredient to the world's best mashed potatoes. Your smooth, creamy mash will be transformed into a smooth, rich, creamy delicacy that's completely more-ish. Remember to shake your Random Harvest Truffle Oil well, and you'll enjoy real truffle pieces throughout your dish.

3. The Perfect Truffle Oil Pizza

You haven't tasted the world's best pizza until you've drizzled the world's best truffle oil on top. This is such an easy way to turn homemade pizza into a real luxury.

4. Truffle Bruschetta or Truffle Garlic Bread

The perfect way to create an entrée or the perfect partner for pasta dishes, use our truffle oil on your next bruschetta loaf, or simply spread a crusty bread with butter and truffle oil before putting it under the grill for the perfect crust.

5. Truffle Oil Vegetable Medley

It doesn't matter what your favourite veggies are, they'll go from great to amazing with a light drizzle of truffle oil to finish them off. Whether it's a selection of roast vegetables, or a delicious stirfry, truffle oil is the perfect partner for vegetables. 

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