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How To Choose The Best Truffle Oil?

Truffle oil is such a fabulous way to take ordinary meals to new levels of gourmet goodness, but knowing how to choose the best truffle oil in Australia can be the difference between 'wow' and 'truly magnificent'.

As one of Australia's best truffle oil brands, here are our tips for making sure that you choose the best truffle oil for your home pantry.

How Is Truffle Oil Best Used?

We're often asked how to use truffle oil, and it doesn't have to be complicated. Truffle oil is predominately used as a finishing oil. It is the perfect partner for drizzling over pasta, vegetables, or as a finishing oil to make amazing crusted breads and garlic bread.

Using truffle oil at high heat diminishes the flavour and aroma, and so it is always recommended to use truffle oil at the end stages of cooking. 

Truffle oil brings an earthy richness to meals, which has seen it grow in popularity with gourmet chefs and home cooks alike. The best way to use this luxurious oil is sparingly so as to add depth of flavour to the dish without being overpowering. 

How To Choose The Best Truffle Oil In Australia

best olive oil in Australia by Random Harvest Gourmet

Choosing the best truffle oil in Australia is all about choosing an oil that contains the best possible ingredients. 

Truffle oil is simple but to ensure the best flavour it must contain a high-quality oil base. Here at Random Harvest, our truffle oil is made using 100% Australian extra virgin olive oil, infused with 100% Australian truffle.

When selecting the best truffle oil to use on your next meal, it's important to choose an oil that contains real truffle. 

Did you know that some truffle oils don't actually contain any real truffle? Here at Random Harvest we guarantee the use of 100% Australian grown truffle in every bottle of truffle oil. 

We Only Use The Best Truffle Oil Ingredients

Australian Made Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a magnificent base for truffle oil due to its rich flavour and smooth texture. We've partnered with some of the best olive oil producers in Australia to create the perfect, rich, creamy base for our truffle oil.

The extra virgin olive oil base for Random Harvest Truffle Oil comes from the NSW Hunter Valley. 

100% Genuine Australia Black Truffle is our truffle of choice in our Australian truffle oil. By working with expert Australian truffle growers, we can ensure that every piece of truffle that goes into making the Random Harvest Gourmet Truffle Range is of the highest quality. 

Choose a company that stands by quality. We've been Australia's leading gourmet food brand since 1981, and each of our products are backed by our guarantee of only using the best quality ingredients to ensure the best flavour.

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