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The Best Christmas Gifts For Dads With Everything

What do you give dads for Christmas who insist they have absolutely everything they want? Smother them in even more love we say, because they can’t have enough of that! But do remember when choosing Christmas gifts for Dad, he secretly wants to be spoilt, and we've got the perfect Xmas gifting solution.

The secret to choosing Christmas gifts for Dad is finding something they always wanted, if only they had known. An Australian-made Christmas hamper filled with delicious goodies, could be a great start to bringing a smile to his face this Xmas season. But what will his hamper be packed full of: sweets, savoury nibbles or their favourite wines?

The Art of Choosing Christmas Hampers for Dads

Start the day off by choosing a gourmet gift pack that says ‘Dad we love you so we decided to spoil you’. The best foodie gifts for fathers are crammed full of things they simply adore. For extra excitement, include a few extravagant items they would not normally buy for themselves.

Gourmet Christmas gifts for dads

With a Christmas Hamper for Dad Sorted What’s Next?

You got the day off to a great start with a tasty gift hamper and morning family Christmas traditions, or perhaps you gifted dad his hamper as a surprise gift on the breakfast table. But the rest of Christmas Day lies ahead. What other Christmas gifts for dads come to mind?

Make It a Surprise the Whole Family Can Enjoy

How about giving Dad memories he can treasure, but enjoy with his family too! Here are a few thoughts to get your creative juices going:

  • Go down to the beach for the morning with the rest of the hamper (if there’s anything left!). Spend the morning in the sun and the surf enjoying being family together.
  • Take a family hike on the wild side somewhere, where you can rejoice without being too strenuous. Find a quiet spot where you can relax and enjoy the view.
  • Give him a photo of himself and the family. Write on the back ‘Dad we love you so much’. This is especially wonderful if the family isn't together often.
  • Visit the garden centre at the mall. Wander through, but let Dad have the final say for some plants for the garden. When you get home, sit him down with his favourite beverage and follow his instructions (well almost) while you plant out.

Some Christmas Gifts for Dads Last Longer

Wine hampers for Christmas are a great surprise. However, just like our chocolates and nibbles they only last for a few days because they are the irresistable. You may also want to consider a gift for Christmas that’s around for longer. The best Christmas gifts for Dad are surprises. Here are two suggestions to help you decide.

  • Take a peek through Dad’s shed while he is at work (making sure to put everything back the way you found it). You’re bound to discover an electric drill, box of spanners or whatever that’s more than a little worse for wear. Give him a replacement on Christmas Day.
  • Go through his CD collection of music albums and choose a few you know are getting long in the tooth. Replace them with a few fresh albums by the same artists. He’ll be so tickled pink you guessed what he wanted for Christmas. Have the music playing all day! 

best wine Xmas Hampers Australia

Are You Still Wondering What to Give Dad for Christmas?

You’ll find loads more ideas among our gift hampers and gift packs. Our entire gourmet hamper range is 100% Australian made. We tested them personally and we can vouch for their quality. And so will you when you order one of our special offers today!

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