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How To Choose The Perfect Christmas Hamper

Christmas is the season of giving and what better gift to give the important people in your life than a Christmas hamper. These bundles of joy are filled with tasty treats wonderfully presented in an elegant gift box. It’s a thoughtful gift that relays your festive cheer and best wishes.

However, with so many Christmas gift hampers available, it can be quite overwhelming to pick one. We’ve made this process as simple as possible in Random Harvest but if you’re still at a loss, this post will help you choose the perfect Christmas hampers for your loved ones.

Consider You Recipient’s Preferences

The most important thing to consider when picking a Christmas hamper is your recipient’s likes and dislikes. Subtly ask them during a conversation or check their social media to get an idea.

We have a wide range of Christmas hampers, all thoughtfully created to suit different Christmas traditions, tastes and interests. 

For example, those with a sweet tooth will surely love our Sweet Christmas Hampers which are chock full of premium rock candy, handmade fudge, brittles and biscuits along with dessert sauces.

Those who like it hot will surely be delighted with our Chili Lovers Artisan Christmas Hamper which features spicy treats with just the right amount of zing.

You can also treat your foodie of a friend to our Australian Gourmet Collection which features only the best Australian-made gourmet condiments, sauces, dressings, pastes, and confectionery.

Check If Your Loved One Has Allergies or Certain Health Conditions

All your efforts to pick the best Christmas hamper will go to waste if your recipient can’t eat them. Carefully check the ingredients or contact the company’s customer support to know more. Alternatively, you can get a hamper custom-made if your special person has sensitivity to certain ingredients.

For those with gluten intolerance, we have several gluten-free hampers.

Alcohol or Alcohol Free Christmas Hampers?

Not everyone drinks alcohol, so we've got a huge range of alcohol free Christmas hampers available, but for those who do, our wine hampers are the perfect choice.

For wine lovers, our wine hampers feature Pepper Tree Australian-made wines from the NSW Hunter Valley. You can choose between hampers with red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, or go all-in with our most luxurious ready-made hamper which has all three. We’ve also already saved you some time by picking the best treats and nibbles for their grazing platter.

Choose an Australian-made Christmas Hamper

The quality of your Christmas gift hamper is also important. Opt for a reputable company with only the finest selections.

Random Harvest is 100% Australian-made & owned since 1981. By choosing our Australian-made Christmas hampers, your recipient will no doubt appreciate being able to support local growers and producers. Plus, you’re guaranteed quality since our products are made in small artisan batches each time.

Ensure Beautiful Presentation

Wow your friends and family with a tastefully designed Christmas hamper. This is even more important if you’re shopping for corporate Christmas hampers. In this case, partner with a company that’s focused on quality and beautiful presentation.

Our corporate Christmas hampers include only the finest selections and are dressed to impress in wooden corporate gift crates or our luxury corporate gift boxes with a premium satin ribbon.

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