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The Best Ways To Improve Staff Morale

The past few years have been tough on employers and employees alike, and every employer knows that having a successful business depends on having a happy, motivated team. After so much workplace turmoil in recent years, it's essential to do everything possible to keep good, reliable staff onboard, so here are our tips for boosting staff morale to keep your business thriving through staff gifting.

Custom Corporate Gift Hampers For Staff

Corporate gifting has been a growing trend in recent years, as a simple and effective way to increase levels of staff contentment, staff satisfaction, and team morale.

Staff gift hampers are popular because they are easy to customise to individual staff, it is easy to ensure premium quality by partnering with leading corporate hamper companies, and they are easy to order in bulk for large teams of staff, while also being convenient to send to individual staff with ease.

When staff receive a staff gift hamper customised just for them, it helps them to feel seen, appreciated and know they matter to the team and the business.

Our gourmet hampers feature Australia's best gourmet foods, condiments and sweets, beautifully presented in our luxury keepsake gift boxes and ready to deliver Australia-wide.

corporate staff hampers Australian made

Offer Flexible Leave Options For Staff

One of the most appreciated ways an employer can help boost staff morale is to offer flexible leave options so that they can better balance life and work. 

Whether that means being able to spend more time with their children on holidays, or to take their entire year's leave as one 4 week stretch. Perhaps it means allowing longer leave periods at half pay, or being able to bank leave. 

Find a way that leave flexibility can make your staff feel appreciated and still work for your business, and you'll be rewarded for your efforts by greater staff happiness and dedication.

Allow Work From Home Flexibility For Greater Staff Retention

The days of all staff working full time for the office are over for many businesses, and why not? When you allow staff to work from home, you not only help them with achieving a greater work/life balance, you also gain access to a workforce who may not otherwise be able to use their skills to enhance your business.

Employing remote staff allows you to attract a larger number of applicants when recruiting new staff, and it shows your existing staff that their quality of life matters to you, just as much as their work output does.

Reduced transit times to and from work help staff get more time doing the things they love, and modern technology allows them to stay connected easily for an almost in-office experience.

Work Lunches & Events

One of our favourite ways to boost morale at work is through weekly lunches or work events. Gather staff from every department or level, and enjoy a gourmet feast together. 

Whether you order in from your local takeaway store or restaurant, or you gather around with a gourmet platter or one of our large office gift hampers, giving staff time to gather, relax and chat is a wonderful way to create connection.

You'll be surprised at the ideas that will be created and the team connections that will be built by allowing dedicated staff downtime to connect and enjoy each other's company. 

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