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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Foodies

Forget giant teddy bears and generic supermarket chocolates. For those who have a significant other whose love language is a decadent Black Forest cake or a classic chicken parmi, we’ve compiled a list of sure-fire Valentine’s Day gifts that will make their hearts flutter and their stomachs happy.

  • Take Your Loved One to a Food Tour

  • Go on a full-day food tour of a place that’s memorable to both you and your partner. Hear the locals’ stories, tuck into lunch in a hidden gem of a restaurant, visit vineyards, and go to places of interest. Depending on the culinary tour of your choice, you might be able to sample artisan cheeses, fine wines, and other samples which showcase heritage and the regional specialties.

    Not only will you be able to create new precious memories, you’ll also be able to discover new food hubs for your next excursions.

  • Sign Up for Cooking Classes Together

  • If you and your loved one enjoy cooking, why not sign up for cooking classes of a cuisine that you both want to learn? Some ideas for classes are making pizza using wood fire, sausage-making, Thai cuisine, Instagram-worthy plating , espresso fundamentals, and canning 101. If you’re too busy for a month-long classes, you can opt for 1-day culinary classes or even online ones.

    To spice it up, you can compete to see who can create the best version of the dish you just learned. Alternatively, you can work together on a mini course which you can then eat for your date night at home.

  • Enjoy a Gourmet Picnic Spread with Your Partner

  • Valentine’s day is the perfect day to be cheesy! Grab one of our Valentine’s Day hampers and enjoy a romantic outdoor picnic with your significant other. Our cheeseboard gift set is a perfect pairing for your favourite cheeses. Enhance their flavours with two types of bruschetta and mustard and arrange them on our very own cheese board.

    If you want more variety to really wow your partner, our Just Add Cheese gift hampers for foodies will do the job. It’s filled with the finest Australian-made gourmet foods to go with your picnic platter. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with flavourful tapenade, chutney, bruschetta, dill dressing and quince paste. It also comes with some cheese bites and wafer crackers so you only really need to just add cheese.

  • Surprise Your Significant Other with Your Best Dishes

  • Whip up your best dishes to show your partner your love this Valentine’s day. Pick one of our romantic gift hampers with wine to round off your celebratory dinner date. After all, the best way to any foodie’s heart is through the stomach.

  • Gift Your Loved One a Hamper Full of Mouth-Watering Goodies

  • Give the love of your life a Valentine’s hamper with all of his or her favourite treats. For example, if he’s a wine connoisseur, one of our wine hampers will satisfy his taste buds. Proudly Australian made, they feature Pepper Tree wines which are a Hunter Valley gem.

    If your girlfriend loves sweets, then our Ultimate Sweet Tooth Gift Hamper will satisfy her cravings. Rich sweet sauces and delicious handmade confectionery fill these thoughtful Valentine’s gift hampers to the brim.

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