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How To Plan The Perfect Office Christmas Party

You’re checking the list. You’re checking it twice. Gonna find out if the party is nice.

Holiday season is coming and if you’re reading this post, you’ve probably been tasked to organise your office’s Christmas party this year. Score some brownie points with a roaring success of a party by following these tips.

Determine Your Xmas Party Your Budget and Stick to It

First things first, find out the number of attendees (with some allowance) and list the things you need to spend on. Then, determine your budget and how much you can allocate per item on your list. Always take note of what you spend and save the receipts. 

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Plan ahead. Make reservations as early as you can. Not only is there a higher chance of securing your desired date and venue, you might also be able to take advantage of some early bird promotions. When choosing a location, consider accessibility and how close it is from public transport. 

Send out invitations and include information about the theme and dress code. Shop for party favour, game prizes, and food early to avoid long lines. If you’re ordering online, there are sometimes delays on delivery during the Christmas season if you wait too late.

Be smart with your Xmas Party food and drink choices.

Go heavy on hor d'oeuvres and finger foods since they can be eaten while mingling. Ensure that there’s enough food and snacks to last the entire party. Serve some hearty dishes so your guests aren’t drinking on an empty stomach.

To give the party a luxurious feel, consider ordering gourmet office Christmas hampers. If there are VIPs coming, take time to research if they have any food sensitivities or dietary preferences.

Have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available. Unless you’re planning for a boozy affair, you might want to ask the wait staff to slow down on the refills.

You can also use a ticket system where guests are limited to two to three complimentary drinks. If they decide they can handle more, they can pay to get more drinks.

Be Creative with the Activities and Prizes

Give a twist to overused games to make them more interesting. You can also search online for new games to try. Just make sure the directions are easy enough to follow. Choose a mix of individual and team games.

To encourage your guests to participate and arouse their sense of competition, go for prizes that they’ll actually want. Think gift certificates, extra vacation days, or a Christmas hamper filled with only the finest treats.

Say Thank You with a Christmas Gift Hamper

Corporate Christmas Gift Hamper Australia

Thank your guests for attending the event by giving them a thoughtful parting gift. A good staff gift is something they can actually use. Corporate Christmas gifts can also be something related to your brand. For example, if your company makes candles, your party favour can be a set of mini scented candles. If your budget allows, it’s a great idea to spoil your staff with corporate gift hampers.

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