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How To Choose The Best Corporate Gift Hamper

Corporate hampers are the perfect corporate gifting idea for a vast range of occasions, and recipients. Thanks to their versatility and wide range of options, finding the best corporate hamper doesn’t have to be a complex process.

Whether you’re placing a bulk hamper order for your entire team, or a single hamper for a staff appreciation gift or client gifts, choosing the best corporate gift hamper is easy when you follow our corporate gifting tips. 

Here are our top tips for choosing the best corporate gift hamper no matter the occasion or who the recipient will be.


1. Choose Quality Corporate Hampers

One of the stand-out things about corporate gifting is that the corporate hamper company you choose to partner with is not only representing their own company through the hampers they deliver, but most importantly, they are representing your company and brand. 

Choosing high quality corporate hampers should be the top priority when deciding on your corporate gifting partner

Did you know that many corporate hamper companies online fill their gift boxes with cheap, imported goods that are 'dressed up' to look fancy. This sadly means that although you intended to send a luxury gift hamper, your recipient may recieve a gift that looks amazing, but is lacking in real quality.

When recipients recieve a poor quality hamper, they aren't likely to ever let you know, and sadly this negative experience could stay with your company for years to come.

By partnering with Australia's leaders in gourmet gifting, rest assured that here at Random Harvest, quality comes first and is at the forefront of everything we do.

2.  Choose A Partner With Capacity For Bulk Corporate Hamper Orders

Some smaller corporate hamper companies don't have the sales capacity to deliver hundreds or even thousands of corporate hampers across Australia, so for larger corporate gifting orders, choosing a partner who can deliver everything from a single hamper - to thousands of custom gift hampers is a must.

Here at Random Harvest, we work with the world's largest retailers both across Australia and internationally, which means our distribution services can cope with any sized corporate gift order. 

best corporate hampers Australia

3. Buy Australian Made Corporate Gift Hampers

Your corporate hamper supplier should be a partner that represents the best of your company. When you choose Australian made corporate hampers, you're choosing to align your brand with the Australian made and owned message. 

Random Harvest Gourmet has been an Australian made and owned gourmet food company since 1981. In that time we've built relationships with some of Australia's most wonderful producers to create luxury food products that stand out on the international market. 

When you align your brand with ours, you're helping to support Australian growers, Australian producers and Australian jobs, something your recipient will no doubt notice in your choice of corporate hamper company.

4. Choose A Personalised Corporate Hamper Service

When you partner with us, not only are you partnering with Australia's best corporate hamper company, you're partnering with a small family business who cares about your brand and your customers as much as you do.

We're a small but mighty team here at Random Harvest, so if you need to know more about our products, if you need custom hamper solutions, if you need a brand that guarantees quality, then you're in the right place.

Not only are we Australian made, we're family owned and operated, so if you need support during your gifting decision process, the owners are available to help you at every step of the way, along with their amazing support team.

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