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Gluten Free Christmas Food Ideas For Entertaining

Christmas. Picture this.

It’s 11:30 am. The triple glazed ham is ticking away nicely with an ultraviolet glow from the extra six layers of glaze that you reminded yourself you wouldn’t put on this year.

The homemade mayo is resting, yet to be put in the fridge. The prawns, Moreton Bay bugs and blue swimmer crab are all on ice with an extra layer of Himalayan salt infused with lemon pepper. The oysters kilpatrick are in the fridge prepared and ready to be grilled to perfection. Your infamous homegrown salad picked only an hour ago is covered, waiting at four degrees to be top dressed with the organic vinaigrette recipe your friend Doreen gave you. Everything is running on time.

When Food Allergies Become A Consideration

Then you get a message from your cousin about her daughter that's recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease. Bugger. The glaze has Worcestershire sauce in it. The mayo contains a wheat thickener. The oyster marinade has soy sauce and the vinaigrette recipe from Doreen has glucose syrup made with wheat starch. AAAAHHH! When did this become so difficult?

Even though we are all more aware of food illnesses, intolerance and allergies and they are more commonly understood these days, it can still be hard to cater for everyone's dietary requirements. Especially when it's unfamiliar.

It’s becoming more and more necessary that we offer gluten free alternatives for our friends and family when we cook for and entertain them. Especially as Christmas has become more of a foodies playground, as we realise the negative impacts of those that are affected.

We Make It Easy To Have An Amazing Gluten Free Christmas

Most unprocessed foods are actually gluten free. It is usually the condiments, spices, marinade ingredients and other additives that we use in conjunction with the main meal that are often the issue. Instead of making your traditional glaze, try using an alternative ingredient that doesn’t contain gluten.

So before you start cooking your quadruple glazed Christmas ham. Why not think about a gluten free Christmas hamper. Here at Random Harvest, we offer a huge range of gluten free food hampers that are a great accompaniment to almost every Christmas meal, all with an Australian made guarantee. Did you know that all of Random Harvests condiments and sauces are 100% gluten free. So no mistakes. No accidentally giving the niece severe stomach cramps and a trip to the local emergency department.

Perhaps you have someone close to you that loves to cook and dreams of being the next master chef but hasn’t had much exposure to the requirements of those in need ? Why not spoil them this festive period with a gluten free food hamper that will enhance their dishes, with a gluten free stamp of approval. Or have you given a thought to what you will get the niece for Christmas? Surely introducing her into the world of culinary delights at a tender age would be a gift to the dietary dependent of the future!


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