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Crafting the Ultimate Cheese Platter with Random Harvest

Cheese platters have earned a place on tables at gatherings, parties, and even cosy evenings in. The beauty of a well-crafted cheese platter is found not only in the quality of the cheeses, but also in the artistic selection of complimentary condiments and accompaniments. In this blog, we'll look at how to use Random Harvest's gourmet goodies to transform your cheese platter into a gourmet masterpiece.


Versatile Condiments and Accompaniments

Random Harvest offers a wide variety of sauces and accompaniments ideal for complementing your cheese platter. Each product, from chutneys and jams to pastes and balsamics, is designed to enhance the flavours and presentation of your cheese plate. Let's have a look at some of their offerings.

Perfect Pairings: Cheese and Chutney

Cheese and chutney is one of the most traditional cheese pairings. Random Harvest's delicious chutney options will compliment your cheese pick perfectly. Chutney's sweet, tangy, and occasionally spicy flavours can complement the richness of your cheeses, producing a delicious contrast that will keep your taste engaged.

Consider mixing a sharp cheddar with Random Harvest's Spicy Mango Chutney, where the savoury bite of the cheese meets the sweet and tangy tones of the chutney, creating a flavour explosion that dances on your tongue.

Jams and Cheese Harmony

Jams are other popular additions to the cheese board. Random Harvest's jams give a fruity sweetness that contrasts wonderfully with the savoury character of cheese. Consider pairing a creamy brie with Random Harvest's Strawberry & Fig Jam—the creamy cheese with the jam's delicious, figgy sweetness is a match made in cheese heaven.

Gourmet Pastes and Balsamics

Gourmet fruit pastes and caramelised balsamics from Random Harvest add another dimension of decadence to your cheese platter. These creamy and flavorful pastes and balsamics can be served alongside your cheese selection or used to complement crackers and bread. Dip a crisp cracker into a jar of Random Harvest's Australian Quince Paste to taste the fruit flavour that takes your cheese platter to the next level.

The Art of Presentation

A visually appealing cheese platter can be as delightful to the eye as it is to the mouth. It is important to arrange your cheeses, condiments, and accompaniments properly. Consider arranging different shapes and sizes of cheese in a visually pleasing manner. To add depth and vitality to your dish, incorporate fresh herbs, nuts, and colourful fruits. Random Harvest's attractively packaged products can further add to the visual attractiveness of your cheese board.

Customising Your Cheese Platter

One of the most enjoyable aspects of making a cheese platter is the ability to personalise it to your liking. Experiment with different cheese and Random Harvest product combinations. Allow your imagination to go wild, and don't be afraid to surprise your visitors with unexpected flavour combinations.

Where to Find Random Harvest Products

You may be asking where you can find these excellent Random Harvest gourmet goods to spruce up your cheese presentation. Random Harvest items can be purchased from our online store and authorised resellers. Explore our gourmet foods range on our website to find the ideal accompaniments for your next cheese platter creation.

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