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Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Foodie

When Julia Child said that people who love to eat are always the best people, she certainly got that right. It goes without saying that on their special day, we want to give only the best gifts to the amazing foodies in our life.

Whether your foodie of a friend is a tough one to impress or someone who’s happy even with a jar of cookies, you’ll surely find something on this list that will make both his heart and tummy happy.

  • A Treat to the Restaurant He’s Been Dying to Try

  • Maybe it’s a restaurant that requires reservation months ahead. It can also be a food club where it’s hard to get a membership in. Either way, your birthday gift for your foodie can be something that he really wants but has been having trouble getting due to its exclusiveness. He’ll surely appreciate you taking the time and effort to help him get it, especially if it requires months of thinking ahead.

  • Australian-Made Foodie Gift Hampers

  • Surprise the foodie in your life with an Australian-made gift hamper that’s filled with gourmet food products that are bursting in flavour. Depending on what kind of food your recipient likes, you can choose among our wide selection of foodie gift hampers. Random Gourmet offers birthday gift hampers for chili lovers, wine connoisseurs, gluten intolerance, and those with a sweet tooth.

  • BBQ King Level Goodies

  • For the BBQ king or queen in your life, how about giving them a prezzie of a BBQ equipment or tools? Maybe he has something in his BBQ collection that’s missing or needs replacement. Alternatively, you can give him birthday hampers that will level up his barbecuing experience. Think signature rubs, sauces, and condiments that will take his masterpieces to a whole new level.

  • An Oyster Mushroom Log for Her Herb Garden

  • If your foodie loves gardening just as much as she loves cooking and eating good food, why not give her an oyster mushroom log. If she already has one, a small indoor hydroponic garden kit is another great birthday gift idea.

  • A Mug Warmer for Coffee Lovers

  • According to the National Coffee Association, the taste of coffee can change depending on its serving temperature. For example, it will have higher aroma levels if the temperature is around 60°C to 70°C. The aromas can be best described as roasted, intense, and earthy. No wonder some coffee lovers are very strict with their coffee’s serving temperature. If your foodie is this way, a mug warmer that will keep his coffee at a certain temperature is the best gift.

  • Additions to His Collections

  • Some foodies have collections that are related to their hobby. Your birthday gift can be something that will be a wonderful addition to his collection. For example, if he’s a chilli lover, he might like a birthday gift hamper with new spicy condiments or sauces to try. On the other hand, if she likes collecting wacky salt and pepper shakers, you can find something new that fits the bill.

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